What is wet cleaning?
Wet cleaning is a non-toxic, environmentally safe alternative to drycleaning, utilizing computer-controlled washing machines, biodegrable soaps and conditioners, and various types of pressing equipment that may be specialized for many different fabric and fiber types.

What can I do to help insure the best results?
Bring a garment in for professional cleaning as soon as possible after staining occurs. Stains and soil left too long can be impossible to remove and will shorten the life of your garment. Discuss any stains with us. It is important to let us know what caused the stain, how long it has been there and what if anything you tried at home to remove the stain.  Keep perfumes, lotions, deodorants, antiperspirants, and other toiletries from coming into contact with your clothes. These products likely contain alcohol, which can affect some dyes. Allow them to dry before you dress.

Do I need to bring in all matching pieces of a suit at the same time?
Yes. Not only the matching suit pieces but also with household items that match. Such as slipcovers, bedspreads and drapes. This is to insure if there is any variation in color after cleaning it will be uniform among all matching items.

Does frequent drycleaning shorten the life of a garment?
On the contrary, frequent cleaning prolongs the life of a garment.  Not only do stains set with age, making the garment unwearable, but ground-in dirt and soil act as an abrasive, like sandpaper, causing rapid wear of fibers.  Also, insects are attracted to soiled clothes and will cause further damage.

When a garment's label says "washable", does this mean it cannot be drycleaned?
Not necessarily. the Care Label Rule states that only one suitable method of care must be on the label.  We usually follow the care instructions, unless otherwise requested.

Does drycleaning shrink clothes?
No.  The drycleaning process is carefully controlled by us. Excessive shrinkage is usually caused by improper preshrinking by the manufacturer.

Should I store my clean garments in the plastic bag they are returned in?
The bags are provided by us to protect the garment until you get it home.  It is best to store garments uncovered or in fabric garment bags.

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