We will pick up at your home or at your place of work at no extra charge

Most of our customers are not home when we pick up and deliver.

We will provide you with a laundry bag which you can leave somewhere like a covered porch, hanging on a hook in the garage, or anywhere you would like. 

Just call us to set up a monthly account or give us your credit card number to have on file so when we deliver, your order will either be billed or paid by your credit card.

We would be more then happy to stop at your place of work. This is a very popular option with our customers.  You can also arrange for a non-interruptive way to do this. 

Our Free Pick Up And Delivery Schedule

Monday and Thursday

Waterbury, Middlesex, Montpelier, Berlin , Barre, Northfield, Elmore

Tuesday and Friday

Stowe, Morrisville, Hyde Park, Johnson, Jeffersonville

Please call, email, fax or use the New Delivery Setup Form to setup a time for a pick-up.

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